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Soft Power: What is it and why is it important?

Geo-Political, United States of America

Soft power is an important ingredient for the geopolitical strategy of any country. How do countries do it and why is soft power so critical?

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Chinese monk Faxian’s Captivating account of Ancient India

History, India

Chinese monk Faxian (Fa-Hsien, Fa Hien) walked all the way to India between 399 and 414 CE. Faxian was over 60 when he left Chang’an...

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Doordarshan launches DD Retro to telecast classic hits

News, Indian Culture

Doordarshan has launch a new channel DD Retro to telecast old serials which bring back nostalgia. This came up because Mahabharat and...

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Stepping into Non-Dual Quantum World Via the Dual Existence

Spirituality • 5 Comments

Dualism is the perspective of existence that one comes to when one is rooted in the physical.  Physicality is necessarily dual.  It...

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Dharmic Activism and Work without Proper Spiritual Foundation is Dangerous!

Relationships • 9 Comments

  Given how things are as dice is cast against one religious group by the media, the “Secularists” and the foreign forces,...

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Navratri: Celebration of the Devi, the Feminine Divine

Hinduism, India, Indian Culture • 2 Comments

Femininity and Masculinity are taken as two qualities of the existence in Hinduism and in most Eastern traditions.  Eastern mystics called...

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Hinduism growing in Africa without Proselytizing

Hinduism • 3 Comments

Interestingly, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Ghana.  And no one is involved in the business of converting anyone.  Kwesi...

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Hinduism and Quantum Physics: Experiential vs Mathematical view of the Conscious Reality

Hinduism, Spirituality • 7 Comments

When I listen to the debate in the West on Evolution vs Creationism, I am often amused.  Both the ways, heated camps in their own right...

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September 11: When a Monk “Invaded” the Consciousness of America 120 years ago

Hinduism, India, Spirituality, United States of America • 4 Comments

12 years from now on the early morning of morning of September 11, 2001, 19 Islamic hijackers took control of four commercial airliners...

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Krishna and Sudama: Sudama’s gift was greater


Questioner : You say that persons like krishna don’t make friends nor do they make foes. Then how is it that he as a king comes running...

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From Hinduism to Sanatana Dharma: A Critical Journey whose time has come

Hinduism, Spirituality

Hinduism is a moniker given by the invaders to the practices that were followed in the land beyond Indus, which they couldn’t...

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