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Pakistan Vs Uttar Pradesh – UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030

Economics, India, Pakistan

Pakistan vs Uttar Pradesh is an interesting comparison. If the current growth rates continue, UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030!

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Why PM Modi and Indians may have changed the Global consciousness on April 5th

India, Spirituality

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came on national TV to share a message on April 3rd, 2020. While expressing gratitude to those providing...

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The Truth about Washington Post, Jeff Bezos and Modi Government

India, Business, Politics

There is reporting, and then there is spin. When the news of the day or the facts of an event are selectively picked and presented, they...

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Open Letter to New York Times’ Editorial Team on their Kashmir Op Ed


Dear New York Times’ Editorial Team, I have been a subscriber of your paper’s online edition for the last 2 years, which I canceled...

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Dalits Representation in Government – How have the Cabinets Fared since 1952

India, Politics • 2 Comments

Dalits representation in Government is a good indication of how they are perceived and empowered by a government. A lot is written against...

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Watch Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar demolish Pakistani narrative

Geo-Political, India, Pakistan

I watched interaction of India’s Foreign Minister. Jaishankar at the Council for Foreign Relations held in New York with delight. India...

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Indians showcase Howdy Modi, Pak protesters litter Houston streets

Pakistan, India

As expected, India’s ‘Howdy Modi’ rally was a huge success, while the Pakistani protest was a big failure!  With Modi...

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali producing movie on Modi’s life called Mann Bairagi

India, Movies

Indian PM Narendra Modi’s life is very inspiring.  So many aspects of his life are worth noting and getting motivated from.  Now,...

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Howdy Modi event – US President Trump to join Modi in Houston

India, United States of America

“Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,” is the program being organized by Texas India Forum (TIF), a Houston-based non-profit...

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Concludes Three Nations Middle East Tour in Bahrain

Videos, India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Bahrain’s capital, Manama, Saturday, August 24, on the last leg of his three-nation trip....

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Bear Grylls on why the Modi episode of Man vs Wild promises to be the Most watched ever!


The mark of a leader is how he handles himself in times of crisis. When things don’t go well or create uncomfortable scenarios, what...

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