Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Mental or Social Battle is Not Enough!
Sexual Abuse is everywhere in the news.  Women of all professions in all countries are coming out with their encounters of sexual abuse by men – powerful and rich.  In so many cases, women experienced those assaults in normal life.  As more skeletons spilled out careers of men and... Read more
Trusting Strangers Can be Rewarding and Enriching!
Have you opened your heart lately to anyone?  Some stranger at that? So many times, one walks through so many paths where one meets strangers with absolutely no apparent relationship and we strike a chord.  Sometimes we open up far more to each other than hearts.  We open our... Read more
Smart People are Happier Alone, Rest Need Others for their Happiness
The psychologists explain a lot of our behavior by linking it to how our ancestors, the early homo sapiens lived and how they adapted to the environment.  Many of our traits – most famous being “Fight or Flight” – presumably comes from there. But now, some behaviorists like Satoshi... Read more
Marriage is deconstructing globally, Gay marriage or not!
Marriage is achanging.  Several trends are showing up in the world.  Not just in the West and US, in particular, but even in India. Gay/Lesbian marriages:  There is a growing acceptance of such a phenomenon and it is the understanding of this social attitudes change that Republicans are hurting... Read more
Girls Dating in India: Story of a Girl who stopped Dating and Switched off her Facebook Account
Can the Indian population accept dating – open dating – easily?  I am not talking about the “Aunties & Uncles” or the religious and culturally defined mindsets.  I am talking about the normal college going men AND WOMEN. Apparently, no.  Here is personal story of a girl who used... Read more
Logic Framework to test the Question: Why do beautiful women marry unattractive men and good looking men marry beautiful women?
Some people have this idea that although Good-looking women marry not so good looking men, Good looking men do marry good looking women.  But is that true?  Here is an interesting mathematical argument. Read Gayle Laakmann McDowell‘s answer to Why do good-looking women often marry men who are way... Read more
Secrets of Happy Families: Wisdom from Empirical study runs counter to traditional wisdom
For his new book, The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler used his experience as an investigative reporter to discover new techniques and ideas to make contemporary family life more functional, more meaningful and more fun. Rather than turning to traditional experts, he interviewed creative thinkers from the fields... Read more
On Point Radio’s Tom Ashbrook looks into the Global profile of American adoption of kids. Russia, Guatemala, and more are slamming the door on American adoptions. Is the great age of international adoption behind us? Americans know international adoption well. Look around. There are families all over with adopted... Read more
Why is Divorce so Painful?  Someone asks this question, which Sadhguru addresses in a profound way for the meditator.  How the body memory creates pain and suffering. Read more
Chinese New Year is coming around soon.  And, it will be time for everyone to visit their family.  Specially for the many single women.  In a country where they have 180 mn singles, that will be a lot of men and women. The country may have developed, but the... Read more
Are the social dating sites putting the monogamy in the world today in danger? A very interesting discussion. Online dating has become a huge avenue for seeking relationships. On any given day or night, it’s going on on a giant scale. Maybe too giant, says a new buzz. Maybe... Read more
A very interesting infographic showing a comparison between the Indian Weddings and the market vs the Weddings in US.  The figures show the market/trends and social direction.  Very interesting! Source Read more
The following talk was given on April 24, 1971, New York and has been taken from “Awakening of Intelligence” by J. Krishnamurti.   I would like to talk about relationship, about what love is, about human existence in which is involved our daily living, the problems one has, the... Read more
Every “interview” session is unique for all, but this is very typical – as in the discomfort, pauses, and uncomfortable questions – of the “dating” in an arranged marriage.  Interesting and funny!     Related articles from External Sources Forced marriage in our own backyard ARRANGED MARRIAGES: To be... Read more
Amazing depth of wisdom on the need and relevance of even having relationships.  When we are complete, why even seek completeness outside?  When the source of joy is within, why use someone else for it?   Read more
“Maitri Karar”: Now Illegal Gujarati Custom of keeping Mistresses
In Gujarat, there was a social tradition that was used to circumvent the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act by men so they can “have another woman” in their lives.  Hindu Marriage Act only allows one wife.  Please note that polygamy is a punishable offense. In Gujarat a system... Read more

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