Nirmala Sitharaman Demolishes Rahul Gandhi on Rafale but his Lies continue
India’s discourse has fallen to a new low.  Where lies are being pushed with amazing remorselessness and power with media completely included in the whole crime.  They know and the perpetrators of the lies know about what is happening but it is still being peddled to create a narrative... Read more
Arun Jaitley takes Rahul Gandhi to the cleaners
Rahul Gandhi and Congress want to do a Donald Trump in India using the Cambridge Analytica template.  There are a few problems though for them.  One, unlike US, India’s PM can be a lifelong vocation if one is good enough.  Trump could do what he did because he is... Read more
Rahul Gandhi has been dinging Anil Ambani and Modi Government on Rafale.  However, during UPA rule projects worth Rs 100,000 crores were awarded to Anil Ambani, as per a report.  More information is being gathered from Maharahtra to set the records straight.  The Modi Government is hitting back now.... Read more
Congress Thrives on Rahul Gandhi’s Piss: Kamal Nath #PappuMutra
Kamal Nath, the senior Congress Minister and an ex-minister, called RVS Mani to his office, and asked him to declare Ishrat Jahan as an “innocent girl” so Congress could implicate Narendra Modi.  A joint secretary also threatened him.  Kamal Nath said people are ready to drink Rahul Gandhi’s piss,... Read more
Fake news Buster: Alleged Bullet Train Loan issues – Congress Spreading Chinese-planted Lies
National Herald, the Congress online Fake News portal came up with yet another lie.  They suggested that “PM Modi’s Bullet train dream derails after Japan stops funding”.  The fact that the Bullet train is not just the dream of PM Modi, but of many who see India’s development as... Read more
Pakistan’s ex-Home Minister Campaigns for Congress
Congress knows it is facing defeat.  That is why it is joining hands with the official machinery of Pakistan and China to fight the BJP and Modi. Now we have come to the most interesting situation, where Pakistan’s ex-Interior Minister Rehman Malik is now campaigning for Rahul Gandhi.  After... Read more
The Fight beyond Abuse, Mockery and Assault on Democracy
The whole performance of Rahul Gandhi after a disastrous call for the No-Confidence motion – ostensibly done to embarrass the Modi Government – and his lies will go down in the history of Indian governance as legendary.  Here is a party which was the only real national party for... Read more
Cambridge Analytica – How its Alliance With Congress Jeopardizes India’s National Security

Cambridge Analytica’s owners are American Christian Right Wing Ideologues. Handing of critical individual level data to them by Hinduphobic Congress Party, along with the ongoing Joshua Project puts India’s National Security in immense peril!

Read more
Robert Vadra, Gandhis and Congress: The league of Plunderers and Scamsters
Sanjay Bhandari is an arms dealer.  India’s Income Tax authorities have found email exchanges between Bhandari and Robert vadra (son-in-law) of Sonia Gandhi, which allude to a very expensive house in London.  The emails have been sent by Vadra and Manoj Arora to Sumit Chadda, Bhandari’s relative.  The house... Read more
What is Rashtra Dharma (or Duty to your Nation)?  Is it sucking up to the dynasties?  Or is it Unity, integrity, security and prosperity of your mother-land? Chanakya deals with these questions very effectively in this one interaction.  Whatever he says is still relevant… just replace Nand-vansh with Gandhi... Read more
By all counts, Rajiv Gandhi was one of the most horrendous choice for India’s Prime Minister.  He oversaw by far one of the most terrible massacres, and started the mess in Sri Lanka.  Was responsible for Bofors scandal, and unleashed the sorry phenomenon of his incompetent and thoroughly corrupt... Read more
The whole country knows.  The world knows.  But somehow the Congress Party has been pretending to not know it.  But now the Joker of the Pack – Digvijaya Singh – also exclaimed in that Freudian slip, something equivalent to “The King has no clothes”. He said in a statement... Read more
Here are some of the best: To start off – it is important to know where does a politician think about “Politics”. Where and what is this “Politics”. Apparently, it is not where you think it is! Have fun! Read Quote of Dhananjay Gowda’s answer to Rahul Gandhi: What... Read more
To know the bias and the shallowness of the mainstream media, this is a good comparison.  Rahul Gandhi is a nincompoop with a silver spoon and his speech that day – where he brought up the “Power is Poison” statement – was scripted and made up.  It was easy... Read more
This is the program on Modi’s speech at SRCC.  It includes views of many youth, Aakar Patel (a Journalist), a Muslim professor from Jamia Milia, and Tania – a girl who rattled Mamata Bannerjee with a question. Let us look at some of the material discussed: Modi was planted... Read more
Next time we see someone dying of hunger, we need to make sure we have a few kilos of emotions along with us, so we can give to him.  Anytime a woman faces any rapist, she should shove some emotions at them.  They can be laced with slogans for... Read more

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